Welcome to Tax Reduction Solutions – Research and Development (R&D) Tax Specialists

Welcome to the new Tax Reduction Solutions (TRS) website. Since the soft launch of our new site the R&D marketplace remains buoyant in the face of the pandemic as innovative companies all over the UK look to grow whilst benefitting from the HMRC scheme. HMRC wants to reward innovation, research, reinvestment, job creation and sharing the wealth in a vibrant UK economy. The Team at TRS are here to guide you through your company’s R&D tax credit needs. 

Our Approach 

TRS are different, and while our clients are busy delivering creative concepts, we are busy ensuring those continue to be viable, and go on to thrive. Client service is a key priority, and we offer 

  • UK-wide tax credit coverage 
  • Senior management level and C-suite one-to-one engagement 
  • Specialist R&D accountants and analysts 
  • Timely and consistent claim status updates 
  • Ongoing support and direction. 

All claims via TRS have full audit trails to the nominal ledger, making it easy for HMRC to see the basis of the claim and how it relates to the company’s R&D investments and those investment outcomes. 

Service Excellence 

TRS strive for excellence in everything we do. Our company structure is unique: one of our Directors is an accountant who understands completely the accounting requirements. Another is a key tax adviser who has working networks within the HMRC and delivers advice for high net-worth individuals and family offices. Our commitment to excellence leads to superior, sound advice and outstanding results, allowing many companies to benefit from a bedrock of R&D tax credits. 

Building Relationships  

Keeping our clients happy is what makes us tick. We communicate openly and honestly, and take time to understand your business to uncover the full extent of your R&D. Our approach is rigorous, with a quality assurance process built-in. 


We are driven and inquisitive by nature, passionate about our clients, their innovation and the positive impact that R&D tax incentives can have on a business and the UK economy as a whole. This common purpose drives us forward as a team working with our valued clients. 


TRS do not tie clients to ongoing contracts with hefty percentages. We build relationships and with your trust in our expertise and how we deliver it, we are sure you will come back to TRS every year R&D is appropriate for your business. We do not charge upfront fees – from every successful claim we take a modest slice, ensuring the credit your company receives can be then wisely spent in the way HMRC would expect.  

Core Values 

TRS are ethical, transparent and trustworthy. We specialise in all viable R&D possibilities, creating a fantastic mechanism to allow your business to innovate and grow. 


The latest HMRC R&D tax credit report (here) shows that manufacturing, scientific, technical and communication are the most likely sectors to make R&D claims. However, many other businesses have innovated to solve problems, bring new products and services to market, so if you think your company has or is about to invest in R&D, and therefore may have a claim to make, please contact TRS.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

Please check our Insights section regularly for tax industry updates, TRS opinion, and information to help all our clients make the best R&D tax decisions. 

To discuss all your R&D tax requirements, please contact us via our website, or call Jonathan Finnie for an informal, confidential chat on 07595 981950

Note: all statistics, percentages and references are correct at the time of writing.