Your R&D Claim

How We Operate

Our aim is to make the claim process as simple and manageable as possible for the client. To do this we follow a 5-step process as follows:



We will organise a face-to-face or telephone discussion to chat over the nature of your business, your potentially qualifying R&D activities and HMRC requirements for a claim. We will then consider planning and data gathering processes and agree to proceeding with a claim.


R&D Report 

We will work closely with you to gather all your R&D costs and project information needed to produce our approved format report for submission to HMRC with your claim. Our report comprises a narrative part and the calculation part.



Our report will be presented to you for review prior to final formatting for claim submission.


Submit R&D Tax Credit Claim

We will work with your accountant to submit your claim which will include our reports as document attachments for HMRC to have transparency into the basis of claim. Should it be preferable, we can submit the claim acting as your representative without your accountant needing to act.


Receive Tax Credit

Once the claim has been processed you will receive your tax credit either by way of confirmed reduction in the company tax liability or by repayment directly to the company bank account. Our fee will be rendered for settlement at this time.

Are You Eligible?


What is regarded as eligible for Research and Development Tax Credits would surprise you.

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If you don't ask, you won't get.

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